What We Invest In

We are committed to researching and partnering with strong project teams who are revolutionizing the world through different blockchain technologies

Providing Social Capital and tools for projects to achieve exponential Community growth and sustained engagement

Investing in the future of Web3 and cryptocurrency

Our Investment Thesis

We believe blockchain and cryptocurrencies are disrupting traditional markets - specifically the financial system. We invest in go-getter teams that are creating value in the industry.

There are four main areas that we are focused on; Web3, DeFi, Infrastructure & Tooling and Metaverse and Gaming, including NFTs.

What We Invest In

Decentralization is replacing the old, broken centralized financial system. The punks, the innovators, and the disruptors are leading the way for change.

With our dedicated research team, we are committed to finding and partnering with the strongest project teams who are changing the way we play, earn and, ultimately, live. 

Web3 and cryptocurrencies are opening up a new paradigm and we will be supporting projects right at the pinnacle of this revolution.

Our Portfolio

WWVentures is an early-stage crypto investment fund supported and backed by industry veterans, and some of the biggest entertainers and influencers in the world.

We focus on providing Social Capital and unparalleled Community support and growth for our partners.

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