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What are the terms of Fintech X accounts?

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Rules and prohibited usage of Fintech X bank accounts

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Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 13, 2022


1.     WWVentures (“WWVentures”) is an early-stage cryptoinvestment fund focusing on providing social capital and community support andgrowth for its partners.

2.     In this Privacy Policy, “WWVentures” shall include alsoany of its affiliates (meaning controlling entities, controlled entities andentities under common control).

3.     WWVentures takes the privacy ofits investors, potential investors, business partners, suppliers and any otherperson who visits its website at https://www.wwventures.io/ (respectively,the “Websites” and the “Users”) very seriously and is committed toprotecting its Users’ information incompliance with all applicable laws and regulations (collectively, “Laws”).

4.     This Privacy Policy has been created to inform you abouthow we collect and/or receive, store, use and share and/or disclose the information you provide inconnection with the use of the Website.  

5.     By accessing or using the Website, you are deemed to haveaccepted this Privacy Policy, including without limitations, to the collectionand/or receipt, disclosure, storage and use of your information as outlined inthis Privacy Policy. If you do not not agree to anyprovision in this Privacy Policy, please stop using the Website.

6.     We may amend this PrivacyPolicy from time to time without providing toyou any notice and you are encouraged to check this Privacy Policy frequently.You continued use of the Website indicates your consent to the most updatedversion of this Privacy Policy.

7.     Please note that we will not share and/ordisclose any of your PI or other identifiable (by itself or together with additionalinformation) information protected under applicable privacy Laws (including withoutlimitations the GDPR) (“PI”) with third parties for their direct marketingpurposes unless you affirmatively agree to such disclosure, typically by"opting in".

8.     For the purposes of the GDPR WWVentures is a datacontroller (i.e., the company that is responsible for, and controls theprocessing of your PI).

9.     This Privacy Policy is subject to our Term of Use whichare located at www.wwventures.com.

How we Collect Your Personal Information

10.  We only collectPI to the extent it is necessary in order to fulfil one or more of the Website’s functions and/or to maintain and improve the Website.

11.  As an example only, we may collect the following PI from you directly (e.g.through our “contact us” form) or from third parties: (i) your name, (ii) your e-mail and other contact details which you have provided or which we havecollected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

12. We may also collect certaininformationabout your activities on or through various third-party applications or services, through your use of the Website and/or fromcollecting and certain publicly available information.

13.  Finally, WWVentures may use various trackingtechnologies to collect certain technical information, including without limitations: (i) the type of thedevice you are using; (ii) the type of youroperating system, version and platform type; (iii) yourmobile device’s identifiers and other related information; (iv) yourbrowser types, language, etc.; (v) referring/exitpages, URL, etc.; and (vi) pages viewed and othertypes of browsing information. In collecting such information from your devices(and in general under this Privacy Policy) we will act in full compliance withapplicable Laws, including with any restrictions or limitations implementedfrom time to time by the manufacturers of such devices, such as Apple).

14. We may collect theabove information directly or through our third-party suppliers, subject to theapplicable engagement terms with such third-party suppliers and subject toapplicable Laws.

Transfer of Information Internationally

15.  When you use theWebsite, your PI may be transferred between one county to another, includingwithout limitations: (i) from the United States to other countries or fromother countries into the United States, and/or (ii) from the EU to othercountries or from other countries into the EU. We may store PI about Users onservers located in the EU, in the United States and/or in other countries andwe may change the location of our servers (or severs or third-parties we aremaking use of, at our sole discretion) time to time.

16.  When wetransfer your PI from one country to another country, we will take commerciallyreasonable steps to ensure that your PI is treated in the most secured andlawful way and in the manner and in accordance with the principles that are describedin this Privacy Policy as well as prevailing industry standards.

17.  Please notethat Laws vary from one jurisdiction to another, and so the privacy and dataprotection Laws applicable to the places where your PI is to be transferred toor to be stored, used or processed in, may be different from similar Laws in theplace where you are resident or in which your PI is currently located.

18.  If you are aresident in a jurisdiction, where transfer of your PI to another jurisdictionrequires your consent, then you hereby provide us your express and unambiguousconsent to such transfer.

19.  Last, certainaspect of privacy and data protection Laws might be subject to interpretation,including with respect to the sufficient protection which should be applied whentransferring your PI from the EU to other countries. The exact manner in whichwe should apply security measures such as various standard contractual clauses,available protection shields, as well as other legal and contractual protectionis being done to our best understanding of the existing legal framework onthese issues.


20.  A cookie is asmall data file that is stored on your computer or on your mobile device. The Websitemay send cookies to a computer or a mobile device when you accessthe Website. Information contained in a cookie may be linkedto PI for purposes such as improving the quality of the Website and making the Website easier to use for our Users.

21.  You may disable the cookies at any time by changing your web browser’s optionsto stop accepting cookies, to prompt you before accepting cookies from thewebsites you visit or limit the type of cookies you allow, however any such changes and actions might affect your ability to use certainaspects and features of the Website.

22.  WWVenturesand its third party service providers and/orpartners may also employ other similar technologiesincluding, without limitations: (i) web beacons,allowing us to know if a certain page was visited or whether a specific e-mailwas opened; or (ii) pixels, allowing to advertise more efficiently by excludingour Users from certain promotional messages.

How We Use and Shareand/or disclose Your Information

23.  We may collect and/or receive and store your information for thefollowing reasons: (i) enable the Website; (ii) improve,optimize and personalize the Website; (iii) providetechnical support to our Users; (iv) protect thesafety and rights of our Users; (v) enforce this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use; (vi) notifyour Users of updates; or (vii) comply with legal obligations and resolve disputes.

24.  Forfulfilling the above purposes WWVENTURES may shareyour information with third parties such as services provider and suppliers,subject to making sure that such third parties are in full compliance withtheir legal obligations with respect to the protection of your information.

Advertising by a Third-Party

25.  WWVENTURES does not actively share and/or disclose PI withthird-party advertisers for their direct marketing purposes unless you have providedyour consent.

26.  In the eventthat advertisers will place ads on the Website, theymay collect or we may share certain performancedata, aggregatedand/or de-identified information about Users, certaintechnical information. WWVENTURES may use youremail and other contact details you provided with for approaching you withdirect marketing offers, including new products or services by WWVENTURES or by its business partners. You may opt out of suchmarketing services by replying accordingly to messages or by contacting us at: info@wwventures.io

27.  Theinformation collected as set forth above may be used in order to measure the effectiveness of ads,offer targeted advertising and/or perform webanalytics.

How We ShareYour Information – Other Cases

28.  WWVENTURES may share your information: (i) in responseto lawful requests by governmental authorities, including to meet nationalsecurity or law enforcement requirements, or legal process; (ii) tosatisfy any Laws; (iii) where webelieve that the Website is being used in committing a crime or other illegalact or omission , including to report such illegal activity and/or to share informationwith other companies and organizations for the purposes of fraud protection,credit risk reduction, and other security precautions; (iv) when WWVENTURES believes that there isan emergency that poses a threat to the health and/or safety of any User; and (v) toprotect the rights or property of WWVentures, a User or and other third party,including to enforce this Privacy Policy and/or our Terms of Use.

Managing Your Information

29.  Please notethat, under applicable data protection Laws, you have the following rights,which you can exercise in accordance with the instructions below:

(i)       access your personal data and receive a copy thereof;

(ii)      amend your personal data, i.e. request to amendinaccurate personal data;

(iii)     delete your personal data, provided that one of relevantgrounds for such actions apply (and that no exclusions under applicable Lawsexist – for example we may have the right not to agree to a request to deleteinformation if applicable Laws obligate us to retain information for AML/KYCpurposes);

(iv)      restrict the processing of your personal data, providedthat one of relevant grounds for such actions apply (and that there are noexclusions under applicable Laws);

(v)        complain to a supervising authority; and

(vi)        withdraw your consent in accordance with and subject toapplicable Laws.


30.  You may requestto exercise your rights in relation to your personal data by contacting us at: info@wwventures.io

How WWVENTURESProtect Your Personal Information

31.  WWVentureshas made reasonable technical and organizational measures designed to secureyour information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access. Whilewe take reasonable precautions against possible security breaches on ourWebsite, no website or Internet transmission is completely secure, and WWVenturescannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or otherbreaches will never occur.

How Long WWVENTURES Keeps Your Personal Information

32.  How long WWVENTURES retains your PI depends on why such PI was collected andhow such PI is being used. WWVENTURES will notretain your PI for longer than is necessary for its business purposes or forlegal requirements.

33.  For instance,WWVENTURES may retain all or part of your PI if this isnecessary to meet its legal obligations or to exercise legal rights (includingwithout limitations any AML/KYC obligations).

CCPA ObligationsApplying to your Personal Information

34.  This part of thisPrivacy Policy contains disclosures and provisions required by the CaliforniaConsumer Privacy Act of 2018 (the “CCPA”) and applies only to “PI” that issubject to the CCPA and only to California residents.

Collection, Disclosure or Sale of PI

35.  In the last12 months, we collect the categories of PI about California residents asdescribed in this Privacy Policy including in this CCPA Privacy Notice. Our useof such PI may qualify as a “Sale” under the CCPA, since the data we provide tothird parties, including to our clients and partners might help us to generatevaluable consideration. Even if our own use of PI does not constitute a “Sale”under the CCPA, our clients and partners may use our technology to buy or sell PIas defined by the CCPA. If you wish to opt out of the use of your PI forinterest-based advertising purposes, please contact us at: info@wwventures.io

Categories of PI WWVENTURES Collects

36.  Personal andonline identifiers (such as name, emails, unique online identifiers likecookies, mobile advertising IDs, etc.). Please note that WWVENTURES will not, however, sell any personal identifiers such asnames and emails and they will be used only for WWVENTURES’s internal purposes as described in greater depth in otherparts of this Privacy Policy.

37.  Internet orother electronic network activity information (such as browsing history,interactions with a website or advertisement).

38.  Geolocationinformation.

39.  Inferencesdrawn from the above information about your predicted characteristics andpreferences.

40.  Otherinformation linked to the PI above.

Such PI was Usedas follows

41.  Categories ofSources: WWVENTURES collects this PI from the following categories ofsources: Users, business partners and automated means.

42.  Why We Collect,Use, and Share such PI: WWVENTURES uses the PI collectedfor its commercial and business purposes, as described in this Privacy Policy.These commercial and business purposes include, without limitation: (i) enablingthe Website, (ii) Other business purposes as identified in the CCPA, whichinclude: advertising or marketing services, auditing related to interactionswith Users, legal compliance, detecting and protecting against securityincidents, fraud and other illegal activity, performing ancillary services suchas analytics, internal research for technological improvement, activities tomaintain and improve the Website and other certain one-time uses.

43.  Recipients ofCalifornia PI: To the extent our use of PI constitutes a “Sale” underthe CCPA, we “sell” PI to our partners. WWVENTURES discloses the categories of PI designated above to thefollowing categories of third parties, for the above commercial and businesspurposes: Services providers (as defined by the CCPA), government entities(upon request and to the extent we are obligated to do so), Services providers suchas fraud protection vendors and data analytics companies.

Your Rights Regarding PI

44.  If you are aCalifornia resident, you may exercise the following rights, subject to certainexceptions as they shall be from time to time in accordance with and subject toapplicable Laws: (i) the right to know categories and specific PI WWVENTURES collects, use, disclose, and sell about you over the pasttwelve (12) months, categories of sources from which WWVENTURES collects your PI, its purposes for collecting or sellingyour PI, the categories of your PI that WWVENTURES has either sold or disclosed for a business purpose, andthe categories of third parties with which WWVENTURES has share PI, (ii) the right to request that WWVENTURES delete the PI it has collected from you or maintain aboutyou, (iii) the right to opt out of any “sale” of your PI, and (iv) the rightnot to be discriminated against for exercising any of your rights under theCCPA.

45.  To exerciseany of the above rights or for any questions you may have, please contact usat: info@wwventures.io

Minors under 18

46.  We do notsell the PI of consumers that we know to be under 18 years of age. WWVentures istaking complying with applicable Laws regarding minors very seriously,including without limitations, the United States’ Children’s Online PrivacyProtection Act.

47.  If you are aparent or guardian and you have discovered that your minor has submitted PI tous, WWVentures will make reasonable efforts to delete the information from itsdatabase at your request. To request the deletion of your minor’s information,please send an email to info@wwventures.io

Changing WWVENTURES’s PrivacyPolicy

48.  WWVENTURES may decide to change this Privacy Policy from time totime at its sole discretion. If WWVENTURES decides tomake material changes to this Privacy Policy, it will inform, Users by placinga notice on the Website or by sending a notice to the e-mail address it has onfile prior to the applicable change becoming effective – to the extentpractical to do so. Otherwise, WWVENTURES may post an updatedversion of this Privacy Policy without any additional or prior notice.

49. For any questions about this Privacy Policy, pleasecontact us at: info@wwventures.io

User policy

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Rules of good conduct with Fintech X

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