January ’23 News Recap

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Jan 29, 2024
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January 2023 News From Our Partners


We welcomed the Ethos Wallet team to the WWVentures portfolio this month. Ethos is building a reimagined wallet for discovering apps, games, and NFTs on Sui. The Ethos team was the first dapp to launch on the Sui testnet and has established itself as a leader and home base for the Sui community. We believe in the potential for fundamental innovation brought on by advancements in move programming and projects like Ethos will serve to make the experience easier, safer and more fun for everyone! If you haven’t minted a Sui NFT — Try minting a Sui Capy with Ethos Wallet here!


Airstack is developing protocols and APIs to standardize and aggregate blockchain data, making it easy to query and build data aware applications. This will allow for the mapping, browsing, and consumption of on-chain data in standard formats across blockchains for use across the web. The Airstack team is currently welcoming teams and developers to test and implement their data API. Curious to try it? Apply here!


Rise is a Web3 enabled platform helping businesses onboard, manage and pay local/international contractors while ensuring full compliance and alleviating burdensome tax processes. They have recently integrated My Ether Wallet (MEW) allowing users to mint their RiseID natively on the platform quickly and easily. Read more on the integration, and how Rise makes working with contractors easier here!


Zash is a fast, simple and accurate NFT data provider for enterprise. Trusted by Binance, CoinMarketCap and data teams globally. The team recently was accepted into Binance Labs Most Valuable Builder (MVB) accelerator program. As more major consumer brands are dipping into Web3, Zash promises to be an insightful tool for enterprise data teams globally. Cheers to the Zash team! Check out Zash, and their Most Valuable Builder cohort here and below!


“Kaidro: The Awakening” is the first season of a three-part post apocalyptic sci-fi series, each based around a six-part comic; the physical copy of Kaidro can be purchased here with fiat or crypto! The team is working to build an expansive universe that sets the stage for a transmedia experience including a comic, animated series, and mobile game. The web comic has over 1.6 million reads and they post new content every Monday! Check out the series here!


Grindery allows users to connect their favorite Web3 dApps, protocols, and smart contracts across many chains to web2 tools and platforms. For example, users can mass mint NFTs from a Typeform! You can listen to their DAO Talks on Apple and Spotify and the latest thought leadership on their blog.


Taiko is a decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup set on serving as a core piece of infrastructure for the crypto ecosystem. The team recently launched an Ambassador Program to scale and educate its community and received over 1800 applications! Across all functions; research and development, community engagement, and ecosystem development Taiko has been growing at an incredible rate — click here to read the team’s Q4 2022 Recap.


AssetDash started the year by offering its top Solana wallets GoldPass NFTs highlighting the top ‘Solana Degens’ in the ecosystem. Gold Status in the app unlocks exclusive deals with AssetDash partners as well as premium portfolio tracking features. Stay on the lookout for future DashDrops by downloading the app today!


Ex-Populus recently held an AMA with LAMOverse Game Director Joseph Ganetakos. Joseph was previously part of the senior design staff for the Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs franchises. He is now building the ultimate blow-stuff-up party game in web3! Make sure you don’t miss the next AMA — join the Ex-populus Discord by clicking here.


To celebrate Alexander Ovechkin’s 800 career goal milestone 8 “Great Ovechkin” NFTs were released and distributed across the Blockasset community. The team continues to add elite athletes to the Blockasset roster adding former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Glover Teixeria!

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero’s privacy-first focus continues to attract new startups to its ecosystem: Interlock is reportedly building a decentralized security platform on top of it. The first Aleph Zero Ambassadors have been announced.This happens as the team recently upgraded its testnet to support ink! 4.0 smart contracts!

Nifty Island

Nifty Island continues to attract and strengthen communities from all over the world: Click here to watch a clip of the PalmDAO island and, a fun clip released on Nifty Island’s Twitter featuring the Bored Apes!

WWVentures Announcements

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