Year-End News Recap 2022

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Jan 29, 2024
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Year-End News Recap — 2022

As 2022 draws to an end, needless to say how the last 12 months were high-turbulence in the crypto markets. Through the waves, WWVentures has continued to support its portfolio projects while searching for promising new teams to join the ranks. Our success this year is due to the excellence and performance of our partners. We take this opportunity to highlight what each and every one of them has achieved over the past year.

News From Our Partners


Taiko is a decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup — This means Taiko can run Ethereum smart contract code as is, zero changes necessary. Developers can migrate their existing Ethereum smart contracts and dapps for lower fees and boosted scalability. Taiko represents a huge leap forward for the future of Ethereum. In late December 2022, they released their first public testnet. With over 280k wallets and 2 million transactions, Taiko community participation and engagement is industry-leading. We look forward to a bright future for Ethereum and Taiko in 2023!


In 2022, Fnatic won multiple championships in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and FIFA, becoming a major esports player. Additionally, they launched their own streaming platform, FNATIC TV, created a gaming lifestyle brand, and their own clothing line, FNATIC Gear. In 2023 the Fnatic membership program will be kicked full gear; click here for their roadmap.


Airstack is a developer platform offering APIs to improve querying across projects and blockchains. They spent the last year designing their operating model and building key internal assets. We are particularly excited to see how the Airstack Data Privacy Protocol (ADPP), which lets users control and monetize their data, evolves in the coming year.


In the last year, AssetDash added simplicity to investors’ lives (amateurs and professionals alike). It reached Reached #1 in the Apple App Store for “portfolio” in March, all while supporting various asset classes: Stocks, crypto, NFTs, Art, etc. Being free to use and users’ being protected, 2023 looks ripe for success: Its newly released NFT pricing engine should attract new users. Find out more about AssetDash here.


Kaidro focused on the “Comic” portion of their Transmedia Goal in 2022. With over 46k subscribers and 1.2 million views on webtoons. The transmedia strategy featuring Animation series, Metaverse, and a Mobile Game will be further developed In 2023. In the meantime expect further comics releases and community building! Until then, take a look at their gameplay here!


The BLOCKLORDS team ended the year demonstrating the game in front of a live audience at the GAM3 Awards. As a reminder, BLOCKLORDS is an online massive multiplayer strategy game set in the Middle Age. Its parent company, MetaKings, has plans to explore many historical epochs in future games.


A recent partner of ours, Grindery is a multi-chain, no-code Web3 API that allows users to mint NFTs and create workflows between Web3 and Web3 directly in Zapier, using nothing but an email address. In 2023, expect more features and products to bring their vision to life.


Solana-based Ex-Populus grew its team and expanded its reach by launching various collections like DAGs (Decentralized Autonomous Gigaunits), LAMOverse, and Iron Pidgeons (co-launched with former professional boxer Mike Tyson). Final Form, the first game to use Ex Populus trading cards, was also released in late 2022.

Unique Venture Clubs

The Unique Venture Clubs platform was successfully launched in 2022. The platform currently hosts 63 active investment clubs, that have submitted over 500 proposals. The team attended events including the Belgrade Hacker House in July and the Lisbon Solana Hacker House in November. Having successfully launched a custom product for MonkeVentures, Unique Venture Clubs now has several big names in the pipeline for 2023 seeking a bespoke solution. To make sure you don’t miss the next Twitter Spaces call, follow them!

Sidus Heroes

SIDUS has been pushing hard to bring its space war Metaverse to reality. The team raised more than $21M in 2022 across all funding rounds and the dev team launched various modules and a first batch of professions. $SIDUS staking is now underway, and the game has received mentions in multiple Web3 news outlets. Investors should be excited by the numerous prospects that the team has for the next year!


Blockasset just closed a massive year with many accomplishments all around: From $BLOCK and NFT staking to the official marketplace launch, various aspects of the Blockasset economy were introduced in 2022. The team also onboarded many athletes, including boxing heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk! Finally, athlete social tokens were introduced and should continue to see more growth in 2023.


The leading any-to-any token platform for liquidity pooling and trading launched on mainnet early last year, and its utility token $SIS is now listed on established exchanges including Huobi and OKX. In the last 12 months, Symbiosis has integrated with wallets like xDEFI and SafePal, listed tokens like $MATIC and $ENJ, partnered with institutions like Binance Labs, attended events like ETHMiami, and passed countless security audits.


Token markets went live for internal testing in the last week of 2022, which makes 2023 look promising for Minterest’s private launch heading into Q1. Click here to watch a video announcement made recently by CEO Josh Rogers, and here for the latest roadmap.


Many milestones on the Genoverse roadmap became a reality in 2022, including token launch, private beta, Crystal and Habitat launch, Treasure Hunt launch, $GENE token staking, and $KI token unlock. Click here to read the team’s latest litepaper, which explores its ambition to lead the Move-to-earn trend.

DeFi Land

2022 was a massive year for DeFi Land: Gen-0 NFTs were launched through a unique concept (a seed NFT was planted, watered daily, and later redeemed into a Gen-0 NFT usable to unlock Play-to-Earn features. In the process, the team has certainly moved closer to its goal of making the Metaverse a mainstream and accessible experience, by attracting thousands of users.

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero launched a ton this year: a new website, $AZERO, mainnet, smart contracts on testnet, and more! Its staking program is doing great with over 100k validators and most coins in circulation staked. The team’s overall industry exposure was reinforced with participation in crypto events throughout Europe and beyond, including ETHWarsaw and the Swiss-Polish Blockchain Consortium. We are very proud to be partnered with the AZERO team!


Besides new partnerships with MEXC Global and Web3 community CryptoGemsCom, Bit.Country also progressed significantly on the development side, namely: The $NEER token launched, the first bits of land were sold through the Xenoform event, and the community grew. In 2023: The first Metaverse incubated by Bit.Country, Kaosland is going to launch — all the details can be found here.

Nifty Island

With the launch of its Marketplace v1, Nifty Island has moved closer to its community-centric mindset. In 2023, expect the Alpha Marketplace launch, 3rd party avatar support, Metaverse farming, the Incentive layer go-live, and more! Be sure to tune into the team’s Web3 Gaming Meta Space each week, on Twitter Spaces.

Notable Investment News


Now available to trade on over 8 exchanges, $SWASH grew greatly in 2022. Core to its user strategy are ambassadors, a new role which emerged from a new community program aimed at promoting Swash’s offerings. The program should continue to grow next year, as Swash’s partnership with Adshare comes into force and adoption of sApps continue to drive industry recognition.

WWVentures Announcements

We announced partnerships and investments into many projects this year: Congratulations to Meta Dojo, Blocklords, Tuzanye, Kaidro, Grindery, Mover, Fnatic, Taiko, Airstack, and Rise! We are excited to deepen our relationships with each and every one of you in 2023 and beyond.

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