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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners

Insrt Finance

Insrt Finance ShardVaults are live on mainnet! Click here to mint a Shard of your favorite blue chip NFT projects, and earn yield. The multi-asset Squiggle Vault launched on March 28th and 300 unique Shards representing fractional Squiggle ownership were minted out in less than 5 hours! With the launch of Season 0 the MVP stage of Insrt is complete — We look forward to many more innovations from the Insrt team. Stay up to date on the future of NFT Finance by joining the Discord; here!


Zash is now officially a data provider for Metaversal, a Web3 investment and venture studio; click here for their full announcement article. While you’re there, explore Zash’s new website! A new free-tier API for builders was recently launched, promoting accessibility and innovation among the developer community.


Leading decentralized exchange GMX’s $GLP token is now fully supported by Dolomite. This integration enhances DeFi lending markets and offers new strategies for users, boosting Dolomite’s flexibility and potential for future cooperation with other DeFi protocols. Click here for all the details. To join the Dolomite Discord, click here.


The Airstack private developer beta went live in early March; it’s a great opportunity to explore what Airstack has to offer to supercharge any Web3 strategy. Also, Airstack AI Assistant was integrated on March 27th, and it’s already capable of understanding complicated questions, utilizing suitable structures, and merging on-chain and off-chain data from various sources, offering an efficient and straightforward solution for users.


The Taiko Testnet 2 “Askja” went live on March 24th. Click here to read the latest Taiko Tuesday news update. Lastly, submissions for Taiko’s Scaling Ethereum closed on March 27th. Winners were announced on April 1st; click here.


On March 4, Fnatic became the first Valorant LOCK//IN Champions, triumphing over elite global teams, after forming their initial VALORANT roster in 2021. This victory comes as Fnatic’s new coach, Tomas Knezinek, started in early March. Click here to buy official Fnatic merch!


Introduce AssetDash Learn: learn investing basics to earn crypto. Over 70 courses are available in the mobile app, including one from Octo Gaming. As a reminder, AssetDash is your one-stop-shop to track and manage investments across virtually any asset class from stocks to crypto. It’s free to use and offers the best giveaways in the industry!


You have until April 9th to back Kaidro’s 3rd book on Kickstarter; click here to pledge. Early backers will get early access to the Kaidro game! You can also purchase add-on pins directly on Kickstater. Click here for a video recap of Kaidro’s adventure at GDC 2023 (Game Developers Conference).


Announced a partnership with Polygon and Polygon Gaming. Currently running a cover art design competition; join their Discord here to qualify and submit your creations. To conclude, congratulations to the team for being in CoinTelegraph’s Top 20 Blockchain Games ranking! Click here for the full list.

Aleph Zero

Smart contracts went live on mainnet on March 29th, $AZERO was listed on Changelly on March 6th. Click here to read an article about SubWallet, the first non-custodial wallet to support NFT standards in Aleph Zero. Finally, the team continued its 2023 tour in March, with a stop in Rio from March 28–30.

WWVentures Announcements

We announced our partnership with Insrt Finance; click here for the announcement thread.

Major Headlines in Crypto

Amazon’s NFT Plans Teased in a Receipt Mailed Friday Afternoon

Nasdaq Eyes Crypto Custody Launch by End of Second Quarter

House of Blueberry Shares Secrets to Web3 Fashion Success

Arbitrum Users Claim 42M ARB Tokens in First Hour of Airdrop

Tokenized Real Estate: Crypto Hungry for Real-world Assets

U.S. Banking Crisis Could Present an Opportunity for Some Crypto Exchanges: JPMorgan

Metaverse Fashion Week returns with a focus on ‘future heritage’

This EV and Crypto Startup Has the Potential to Revolutionize the Growing Electric Vehicle Industry — Here’s How it Works

Magic Eden Forms Web3 Games Collective With Leading Publishers, Communities

Stablecoin Issuers Like Tether May Book Big Profits Soon

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