February ’23 News Recap

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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners


Rise has launched an affiliate program for customers, investors, and brand evangelists to spread the word about their payment and compliance solutions. Affiliates can earn rewards for sign-ups and receive payments in crypto or bank transfer. Rise also added funding options via the Polygon network.


Ethos has partnered with Aftermath to offer exciting new features to the Wallet Explorer. They have enabled swapping, depositing/withdrawing, lending, and staking Capy tokens, and can now swim in up to 7 token pools. Additionally, they have achieved a milestone of one million transactions on Sui 8192 and received the Sui Builder Hero award.


Taiko is quickly growing and making a name for itself in the DApp world: Besides releasing new swag and growing their team, their second testnet is on its way. Finally, all those who participated in the first testnet can now mint commemorative NFTs.


Fnatic is gearing up for an exciting LEC Spring 2023 with a new starting lineup that includes the promotion of two talented young players from their academy squad. The team has also hired a new head coach, Tomáš ‘Nightshare’ Kněžínek, bringing a wealth of experience and emotional intelligence to the team. Fnatic has carefully examined their structure and made significant changes to ensure they are ready for the upcoming season. Good luck to everyone!


The Kaidro team is scaling smart: They have recently started developing their action GPG game and their animation. This announcement as their comic and community have been growing steadily over the last year. Finally, if you’re in San Francisco between March 20–24, be sure to check out Kaidro’s booth at GDC 2023!


Congratulations to Genopets for their first year anniversary! For a whole year, Genovians have been growing their community, united around their love of fitness. As of late, the team introduced Banking Rewards that allow your genopet to keep the food and toys they find during daily walks. New Nurture mini-games Feed and Fetch are in testing, along with a Paper Starship referral campaign. For a full status report of the latest developments, click here.

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero has won a Polkadot parachain slot auction, signaling their commitment to embracing the interoperability revolution. The new “zParachain” will offer benefits to both Aleph Zero and Polkadot ecosystems, including easy exchange of coins and tokens, access to dApps, and privacy features. This connection could also add liquidity to the AZERO ecosystem and drive Aleph Zero adoption.


Kaosland, the first Bit.Country community, reached 10,040 land owners in just 36 days after its launch! The upcoming NFT Marketplace 2.0 is also set to offer better built-in analytics. With Phase 2 approaching fast, stay up to date by following Bit.Country on Twitter.

Nifty Island

Early February, the team released new tools to help you build better and faster; including the possibility of placing coins around your island! Just 1 year after the Nifty Island closed alpha launch, the open beta is rumoured to be right around the corner.

WWVentures Announcements

We are excited to partner with Dolomite, an Arbitrum-based margin trading protocol and DEX that maximizes capital efficiency. With Dolomite’s innovative suite of DeFi tools, including margin lending, liquidity pools, and yield farming, we are confident that our collaboration will bring new opportunities and value to the DeFi ecosystem.

We are also proud to have partnered with Insrt Finance in pre-seed along with Haskey Capita, Three Sigma, and many others! With Insrt’s innovative ShardVaults product, users can earn returns while acquiring fractional NFT spot exposure. We look forward to supporting their expansion to multiple blockchains and upcoming launch of omnichain ShardVaults.

Major Headlines in Crypto

Montana passes “right to mine” crypto bill


Metaverse adds new dimensions to Web 3.0 cybersecurity


Dell Technologies Joins Hedera Governing Council to help automate distributed ledger technology


Fujitsu launches new platform to support Web3 developers globally


Crypto Exchange Bitstamp Registers in France


Binance Returns to South Korea’s Crypto Market Through a Stake in the GOPAX Exchange


Metaverse gets a boost in Saudi Arabia with The Sandbox partnership


Brazilian Fintech Company Capitual Partners With Azimut to Offer Crypto Services in European Markets


Doritos Launches Metaverse Experience with Free NFT Giveaways


Tron Launches $100M AI Development Fund


UK blockchain carbon offset platform raises $45M in seed funding


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