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Apr 17, 2024
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Announcing our partnership with Taiko

We are proud to announce our collaboration and investment in Taiko. Taiko, in partnership with renowned teams across the ecosystem, is dedicated to addressing the challenges of scaling Ethereum, while upholding the fundamental principles that have made Ethereum the go-to settlement layer of the open web.

“I am thrilled to partner with the Taiko team supporting them and their vision as they pave the way for a more scalable and robust Ethereum ecosystem. Taiko is tackling one of the most impactful challenges in the crypto space through an innovative approach at building their Layer 2 ZK-EVM. We believe that their commitment to decentralization, permissionless, and security will shape the future of Layer 2 solutions.”

- Adam Hakili, WWVentures Managing Partner

We recognize the importance of decentralization, permissionless-ness, and security in Layer 2 solutions, and firmly believe that an exceptional developer experience is crucial for the success of any Ethereum scaling solution. Consequently, we are honored to endorse the world’s first Type 1 ZK-EVM, Taiko. The Taiko platform resonates holistically with the Ethereum ethos, being completely open-source and community-driven. With industry-leading community development programming, Taiko is poised to revolutionize the capabilities and adoption of web3 applications on Ethereum without requiring costly alterations to underlying code.

The co-founders of Taiko, including Daniel Wang (CEO), Brecht Devos (CTO), Terence Lam (CSO), and Matthew Finestone (COO), boast extensive experience in launching and scaling ZK projects. Notably, they were responsible for creating Loopring, the world’s first application-specific ZK rollup, back in 2017. With Taiko, they lead a team of over 20 exceptional blockchain developers, ZK researchers, and crypto-native operators across 16 countries. With their strong web3 native backgrounds, we believe the Taiko founders are well-equipped to drive Taiko’s mission forward.

The Taiko team has planned multiple upcoming testnets as they prepare for the mainnet launch in Q1 2024. The team is looking to accelerate the growth of key protocols and partnerships leading up to this launch. If you are a builder or project interested in deploying on Taiko, reach out and join the thriving ecosystem at the links below.

Key Links: Website | Twitter | Github | Discord | Job Board

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