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Apr 17, 2024
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Announcing our Partnership with LunarCrush: Intelligence and Trading Tools for Web3 InvestorsAbout LunarCrush

LunarCrush builds high-grade social intelligence tools. LunarCrush is revolutionizing social media consumption by empowering you to create your own feed. This new tool allows you to search across all social media and extract the most relevant content tailored to your interests.

Serving both individual investors and brands, they harness the raw power of expansive social media data — encapsulating 631 million mentions and over 1.45 trillion engagements in 2022 alone on their platform.

LunarCrush transforms this data into real-time insights for stock and crypto traders, investors, and brands — empowering them to cut through the noise and leverage social data to better inform investment decisions.

Platform HighlightsPortfolio Tracking: LunarCrush users can automatically track holdings and receive notifications for wallet and market activity directly on the platform.Simplified Crypto Trading: LunarCrush alleviates the pain of bridging between chains and dealing with exchanges through their trading platform, allowing users to focus on the trades they’re making. Behind the scenes, they take care of bridging and swapping for thousands of cryptocurrency pairs across blockchains.Elevated Market Research: Monitor market news, social engagement metrics, influencer activity, and more with social analytics tools. LunarCrush aggregates social data for crypto, NFTs, and stocks all in one place.Tokenomics$LUNR is the utility token behind LunarCrush. While LunarCrush’s analytics, trading, and portfolio tools are free, holding 2,000 $LUNR gives access to AI-driven market insights and rewards for holding the token and utilizing the platform.

Learn more about $LUNR here.

Building the Future of Social InsightsThe LunarCrush team is focused on improving experiences for social media users, investors, and major brands who can rely on social data to make informed decisions. The team is expanding their suite of tooling to allow users to search, and connect on topics of interest across platforms. With wallet or email sign-in LunarCrush users from both web2 and web3 backgrounds can be empowered to easily navigate an increasingly complex social landscape.

Nakamoto_1 NFTsLunarCrush is sending NFTs to the moon — literally — with the launch of their Nakamoto_1 collection. Collectors embark on a journey to unlock an Android NFT, granting access to a token-gated community, LunarCrush Pro account, events, merch, and more — including a crypto wallet being sent to the moon on a SpaceX rocket. Learn more and participate in the hunt for the Nakamoto_1 Treasure Chest here.

Behind our PartnershipWe are proud to announce our partnership and investment in LunarCrush and look forward to supporting the team and their growth into the future. LunarCrush provides its users with unique insights into where the industry and space is moving. By providing a platform for trending crypto activity users can better adapt to the shifting environment around them. Learn more about LunarCrush and how to leverage the potential of the platform below!

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