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Apr 17, 2024
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Announcing our partnership with Intuition

We are thrilled to announce our investment in Intuition. In this era of digital transformation, platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Twitter guide our decisions, tastes, and career opportunities. However, the credibility of the information we rely on daily is often clouded, making it challenging to discern facts from misinformation. To navigate this complex information landscape, Intuition has assembled an industry-leading team combining pioneering technologies into a powerful solution.

“From our first meetings with the Intuition team, it was evident that we shared the same vision on Web3 communities and identity. We’re excited to partner and invest in Intuition, a true game-changer in the decentralized identity sector. Intuition’s innovative blend of blockchain and game theory promises to revolutionize digital attestations and create a more efficient, secure, and user-centric Web3 and Web2.”
- Adam Hakili WWVentures Managing Partner

As a foundational infrastructure, Intuition remains neutral on the truth or falsity of a subject. Instead, it aggregates and reflects the diverse voices talking about a given topic. By empowering people to share their opinions freely and securely in an open knowledge graph, Intuition seeks to enhance our collective access to reliable information and associated reputation data on subjects we encounter daily.

The Intuition model is built on three core components:

The Protocol: Acting as the foundation, it encompasses the Intuition knowledge graph and the engagement rules of the Intuition ‘game,’ ensuring a reliable, equitable, and engaging platform for users to interact and contribute.

The Middleware: This component acts as a bridge, allowing developers to seamlessly build upon the protocol. It expands the base structure with additional rules and logic, thus enhancing its utility and adaptability for developers.

The Applications: These user-facing interfaces enable reading from and posting to the knowledge graph, offering a tangible manifestation of the product vision and providing users with an enriching and empowering experience.

Intuition is gearing up for its initial launch and is actively looking for ecosystem contributors. Learn more about Intuition on Medium Navigating a Data-Driven World: The Evolution of Intuition and follow the team below for more updates!

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