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Apr 17, 2024
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Announcing Our Investment in Cube.Exchange: Pioneering a New Era of Digital Asset Exchanges

About Cube.Exchange

The hybrid trading platform from Cube.Exchange seamlessly blends the best of centralized and decentralized exchange models, effectively addressing their individual shortcomings. Centralized exchanges have long been criticized for their opaque operations, leading to trust issues. On the other hand, while DeFi holds immense potential, it grapples with challenges including liquidity constraints and complex onboarding. Cube.Exchange’s hybrid model is a direct response to these industry pain points.

With a focus on user experience, Cube.Exchange champions transparency, safety, and liquidity. Through an innovative MPC vault system, net settlement is done directly to non-custodial layer-one wallets, ensuring clear and transparent trading mechanics and liquidation processes. Additionally, Cube.Exchange has taken strides to standardize market data to demystify the onboarding experience for all market participants. Looking ahead, Cube.Exchange has set its sights on providing industry-leading latency, transparency, and security as a top-tier asset exchange platform.

Trust in the centralized exchanges took a massive hit following the fallout of FTX. Cube is leading the charge to provide traders with transparency, security and industry-leading tooling. With a team that brings a wealth of regulatory expertise and the backing of seasoned web2 institutional investors, I’m confident that Cube is poised to set new benchmarks in the hybrid DeFi ecosystem. —
WWVentures Managing Partner, Adam Hakili

Key Highlights

  • Cube.Exchange boasts a robust team with deep regulatory insights, further bolstered by backing from prominent web2 and web3 institutional investors.
  • The platform addresses critical industry challenges, including transparency deficits, capital inefficiencies, founder risk, and liquidity concerns.
  • Cube.Exchange stands out with its impressive latency performance metrics, outpacing both CEX and DEX competitors.
  • With a compliance-first approach, Cube.Exchange is initially targeting large volume traders, with plans to cater to the retail segment subsequently.

Cube.Exchange represents a transformative shift in the digital asset exchange landscape. By fusing the strengths of centralized and decentralized models, Cube.Exchange has crafted a solution that addresses the core challenges of each. The team’s extensive web3, regulatory, and traditional financial markets expertise, coupled with the backing of seasoned institutional investors, positions Cube.Exchange to reshape the DeFi ecosystem. Their commitment to bridging web2 institutional knowledge with the DeFi world is commendable. Given Cube.Exchange’s strategic market approach, unwavering focus on compliance, and distinctive value proposition, we believe the team is set to redefine the standards of digital asset exchanges.

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