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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero has further solidified their position by collaborating with OnFinality. This collaboration resulted in the addition of Aleph Zero nodes to OnFinality’s marketplace, bolstering the scalability of the network. Additionally, they joined forces with AngelBlock Protocol to provide fundraising support for projects building on the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

Adam Gagol, the co-founder of Aleph Zero, was recognized as an industry expert and invited to speak at prestigious conferences. Notable speaking engagements included Polkadot Decoded in Denmark on June 28th and ETH Barcelona on July 5th.

The team is actively ramping up and preparing for the highly anticipated mainnet 11.1 release coming soon. With active ecosystem development initiatives including an ecosystem fund, and a vibrant global contributor community the Aleph Zero team continues to deliver. Learn more about the project, and keep up to date with the team below.

Website | Twitter

Intuition Protocol

In June, we partnered with and invested in Intuition Protocol. In a successful $4 million Seed Round led by Superscrypt, with support from Shima Capital, Polygon Ventures, and more.

In today’s era of overwhelming information, distinguishing truth from misinformation has become increasingly challenging. Recognizing this predicament, Intuition Protocol has assembled a team of industry leaders who are combining pioneering technologies to develop a powerful solution.

The protocol, middleware, and ecosystem of applications offer innovative attestations and social graphing infrastructure, paving the way for a more reliable and trustworthy information landscape.

As the Intuition team gears up for its initial launch, they are actively seeking ecosystem contributors who align with its mission. To gain deeper insights into Intuition and their progress, we invite you to follow them below.

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Dolomite crossed $2 million in total value borrowed in the last week of June. While it took the team nearly 7 months to cross $1 million in TVL borrowed it took only 1.5 months to cross $2 million.

With upcoming ecosystem integrations including Pendle Finance, JonesDAO, and more the team is accelerating its growth and community development initiatives in the second half of 2023!

We look forward to supporting the Dolomite team in the future. Find out more about the future of DeFi by following the team below

Website | Twitter | Discord

Pontem Network

Pontem Network’s premier product, Liquidswap, a DEX built for the Aptos Network, reached 250,000 unique users in the month of June. The DEX currently commands:

  • $165 million in trading volume
  • $11 million in Total Value Locked (TVL)
  • 1.8 million total swaps

The team also released new version updates on their other product, Pontem Wallet, for iOS and Android apps. Overall, great strides have been taken to draw more attention to the Aptos ecosystem by building customer-centric products. Follow the team below for more updates.

Website | Twitter | Blog

Ethos Wallet

As the leading wallet for the Sui ecosystem, Ethos Wallet unveiled a new feature that allows users to personalize their experience by adding NFTs as profile pictures (PFP) and customizing themes. This enhancement brings a higher level of personalization and aesthetic appeal to the wallet.

Ethos Wallet further expanded its capabilities by integrating with HeroSwap, powered by DeSo. This integration enables seamless and anonymous cross-chain swaps for Sui and other prominent blockchains.

To engage the community, the Ethos Wallet team organized a captivating game competition on Twitter, attracting attention to the wallet and the broader Sui ecosystem.

Website | Twitter

XP Network

June was a busy month for XP Network, marked by several notable partnership announcements. The team initiated a collaboration with Thinkin, a launchpad for Web3 platforms, facilitating smooth asset transfers between Algorand and other networks.

In addition, XP Network successfully launched support for Arbitrum Nova on their platform, fulfilling a commitment made in May. They also introduced an innovative product update that enables seamless bridging of NFTs without requiring them to be whitelisted.

Demonstrating their domain expertise, XP Network published informative blog posts on cutting-edge NFT innovations such as BRC-72 and ER-6651 token standards. These resources empower their customers to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving NFT landscape.

Website | Twitter

Boson Protocol

Boson Protocol reached a significant milestone in June, surpassing 14,000 transactions since the mainnet launch. This achievement highlights the increasing adoption and success of their protocol.

Notably, Boson Protocol introduced the “Open Access” feature, granting sellers the ability to create customized storefronts tailored to their specific needs. This enhancement enhances the overall seller experience and reinforces the platform’s commitment to user-centric design.

During the month, the protocol successfully proposed a vote within their DAO to implement a new feature. This feature enables sellers to offer multiple collections within their offers, expanding the range of options available to buyers. The passing of this proposal exemplifies the community’s support and engagement in the decision-making process.

Boson Protocol further demonstrated its thought leadership by hosting an insightful webinar focused on deciphering the future of commerce and the transformative impact of web3 technology. Esteemed industry leaders were invited to share their perspectives in a panel discussion, enriching the dialogue. Follow along as Boson Protocol continues to build the commerce layer for web3.

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