News Recap; 3rd August ‘22

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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners


Early access to the “Final Form” game will soon be available; click here for more details. There was also an update to the DAG NFT collection’s metadata, thus making it visible as a whole both in the wallet and marketplaces.


The Symbiosis web app was updated on all fronts; experiment with it here. Otherwise, the project was featured in CoinTelegraph; read the full article here. Finally, you can now use the Kucoin Wallet to transact on the Symbiosis web app; this is yet another option to choose from!


New partnerships were secured with Octopus Network (NEAR) and Stargaze (Cosmos). Finally, Algorand was recently announced as being the 5th Layer-1 blockchain SubQuery would support in its quest to go multi-chain. Click here for a detailed article on the matter.

DeFi Land

Mid-July, DeFi Land rolled out the biggest set of upgrades since launching their Play-to-Earn features. A new partnership with Tulip Protocol will integrate their Auto Vaults inside the game. Click here for the full list of recent news.

Aleph Zero

It will soon be possible to store $AZERO securely on Ledger devices: Aleph Zero recently announced that industry-leading software company Zondax is working on the app. This is happening as Huobi recently listed $AZERO, and nearly 600 smart contracts have been deployed on the Aleph Zero testnet so far.

Boson Protocol

The Boson Protocol team took advantage of the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris mid-July to discuss with attendees as well as reveal their v2 whitepaper. Click here to access it, and here to view the livestream.

WWVentures Announcements

We held an AMA with SubQuery on Twitter Spaces on July 20th. Click here to access the recording.

Major Headlines in Crypto

Binance gets nod from Spain to offer crypto exchange, custody services

Mastercard partners with crypto gateway to drive financial inclusion in Indonesia

UFC continues to bet big on cryptocurrencies

Coinbase approved to operate as crypto asset service provider in Italy

Cryptocurrency Exchange Expands to Italy

Dubai to ramp up metaverse efforts with 40,000 new jobs

Polygon is helping to bring the Ethereum Virtual Machine to ZK-Rollups

The University of Tokyo to offer courses in the Metaverse

Bitfinex and Tether launch peer-to-peer video calling app Keet

Barclays to Buy a Stake in Cryptocurrency Firm Copper: Sky

CFTC Chair expects crypto to be a ‘part of mainstream American portfolios’

Japan Ministry of Economy launches Web3 policy office

Senators Toomey and Sinema introduce bill to exempt small crypto transactions from capital gains taxes

Fantom to Fund Ecosystem Projects Using Portion of Burn Fees

Solana Opens First Physical Store in New York City

Ethereum’s Mainnet Tenth ‘Shadow Fork’ Goes Live Ahead of September Merge

Final candidates for next UK prime minister have made pro-crypto statements

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