News Recap — September ‘23

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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners


Dolomite has emerged as a remarkably unique lending protocol, distinguishing itself by supporting a vast array of assets with a simple UI/UX. The platform has already brushed up against liquidity caps and grown to ~$8M in TVL without any use of incentives. To enable continued ecosystem growth the team has applied to grant programs across the industry. Check out the latest Arbitrum proposal that will be going to Snapshot vote soon here.

The team recently published a case study exploring their participation with Arbitrum and Chainlink. Dive into how Dolomite leverages the technological and communal strengths of Arbitrum, and the stability and reliability of Chainlink to re-engineer the defi industry here.

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Intuition Protocol

The Intuition team partnered with the Newforum Identity Hackathon. Members of the team participated in panels, hosted workshops, and offered developers their first opportunity to experiment with Intuition API access. The hackathon is currently active with submissions open until October 17th. Find out more here.

Alpha: Intuition Pins launched on recently. Have you minted?

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The Airstack team has been attending ETH Global events and hackathons to gain exposure to developer communities globally. In September the Airstack team attended ETH NYC, and ETH Singapore where 23% of teams in the hackathon built their projects using Airstack tooling. Airstack saves developers time and introduces opportunities for new products and services. The Airstack team continues to be one of the fastest-growing, and shipping teams in the web3 middleware. The team introduced multiple new product features at ETH NYC including social follows across Lens and Farcaster, Airstack AI search, Airstack Explorer, and more. Keep up to date with Airstack below!

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The Fnatic League of Legends team went to Montpellier, France to compete in the European League of Legends circuit. Accompanying the e-sports athletes on stage was the community-elected Fnatic Hypeman. Fnatic has been putting emphasis on fun community initiatives including AMA sessions with gaming creators, and watch parties at the London HQ!

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Aleph Zero

The Aleph Zero and WWVentures communities joined together for a WWVentures-hosted poker tournament. The event was a success with over 100 players participating. Attendees were challenged with Aleph Zero trivia quiz questions and swag box giveaways. September has been a busy month for the Aleph Zero team, with developer-focused events in Lisbon, Singapore, and Warsaw.

Aleph Zero is in the final stages of audit and approval for listing as a 3rd party app (Snap) on Metamask. This milestone will provide extensive development opportunities for the Aleph Zero community!

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Insrt Finance

The Insrt Finance team is in the final stretch of releasing their new flagship product Perpetual Mints. Details on the new product can be found here!

Leading up to the launch Insrt is running a campaign on Zealy featuring multiple quests where users can earn XP points to gain leaderboard rankings. Each week, 2 of the top players on the Leaderboard are rewarded with Dawn of Insrt NFTs all the way up to the release!

Check out the quests and prepare for launch!

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Ethos Wallet

The Ethos mobile wallet beta is now available on iOS and Android to all members of the Sui community. This is an exciting development that allows the many dapps currently on Ethos to break into mobile! The Ethos team introduced a new dapp alongside the mobile realse called ‘The Collection’! This groundbreaking platform is a unique blend of blockchain and AI, hosting a fully on-chain AI art competition on the Sui blockchain.

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Pontem Network

The Pontem team hosted multiple thought leadership panels on AI, SocialFi, and more. Curious about Why is AI an abundance engine and Web3 a scarcity engine? Check out a recap of the session featuring Pontem alongside AI x Crypto leaders here.

The Pontem team recently dove deep into how India earned the Number 1 spot on the 2023 Chainalysis Global Crypto Adoption Report. Including new taxes, the G20 Presidency, and the digital rupee. Check out the exclusive interview with Dr. Prakash Kamaraj, Head of Blockchain Technology at one of Pontem’s partner companies Chingari here.

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