News Recap — October ’23

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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners


Cube.Exchange announced its successful $9M raise featuring top investors to secure the future of crypto trading—the hybrid exchange platform from Cube.Exchange seamlessly blends the best of centralized and decentralized exchange models, effectively addressing their individual shortcomings.

WWVentures is a proud investor in Cube.Exchange. The Cube.Exchange team is steadfast in their mission to inspire confidence in crypto — one trade, one user, and one innovation at a time. We look forward to supporting the platform and team into the future!

Read our official partnership announcement here.

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Pontem Network

The Pontem team has updated their platform metrics as of October 2023. From its inception, Pontem has been a powerhouse in the Aptos ecosystem. The Pontem Network now features:

  • 6 live products
  • 5 million swaps on Liquidswap
  • 15,000 daily active users at peak
  • 450,000+ unique users on Liquidswap and over $200 million in trading volume
  • 300,000+ Pontem Wallet installs
  • Two original NFT collections: Space Pirates and Dark Ages

In addition to impressive traction and volume across its 6 live products, the Pontem team has hosted and sponsored over 20 online and offline events including hackathons, expert panels, and AMAs.

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LunarCrush is revolutionizing social media consumption by empowering users to create their own feeds. The LunarCrush search tool allows users to explore their favorite topics across all social media platforms and uncover the most relevant and engaging content.

The LunarCrush team has recently expanded its platform to include influencer and topic rankings by the current number of social media interactions. The advanced analytics of the platform allow users to deep dive into the biggest influencers on the top trending topics from travel destinations to sports teams! Check out the latest on LunarCrush below!

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The AssetDash team is rapidly shipping new product updates across the app and increasing utility for Vanta NFT holders. The new AssetDash Game Center has seen over 200,000+ unique game sessions played, and 40,000+ digital assets purchased with AssetDash Coins!

Looking ahead, more games, rewards, and experiences will be available for users on the platform — make sure you’ve set up an AssetDash account to jump in on one of the top communities in crypto!

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The Insrt team launched a new product Perpetual Mints! With Perpetual Mints, users have the ability to win moonshot rewards at any time regardless of market conditions. The reward can be anything from tokens to digital art or even physical items! Regardless of if they win, every time a user engages in the app, they win $MINT tokens. The utility of $MINT is rapidly expanding and serves as the base token of the Insrt ecosystem.

Looking ahead the Insrt team will be introducing more assets for Perpetual Mints. Currently, users have the potential to win NFTs or even real-world assets like a new Macbook Pro!

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Intuition Protocol

The Intuition Team recently launched the ‘Atlas Initiative’ a widespread program for contributors from every corner of the internet to discuss ‘Expeditions’ featuring a large swath of industry-related & general topics.

Join ‘The Atlas’ server on Discourse and join the dialogue!

This is in line with Intuition’s goal of becoming a decentralized hub for knowledge sharing & verification. The team hopes to push the community into having more focused + impactful conversations free from the traditional silos that exist today across social media.

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Dolomite’s proposal to the Arbitrum Short-Term Incentive Program successfully passed this October! The Arbitrum Short-Term Incentive Program comprises up to a 50,000,000 ARB budget earmarked for incentive grants for eligible protocols. To succeed, an application must reach a 71.51M ARB Quorum and receive more than 50% of votes in favor of the proposal. As a part of the proposal, Dolomite will receive 1 million $ARB to incentivize liquidity on the platform.

Dolomite plans is use the awarded $ARB to increase total value locked on the Dolomite platform to underwrite loans for larger positions. The Dolomite platform has frequently brushed up against liquidity caps and has grown to $7M — $8M in TVL without any use of incentives. If the Dolomite team can leverage the recent award from Arbitrum to reach $15M in TVL, the Dolomite platform will be cemented as the third largest lending protocol on Arbitrum!

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WWVentures Announcements

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