News Recap — November ‘23

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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners


Pontem has launched its Ecosystem Bounty Program, participants can earn rewards for completing tasks varying from providing product feedback to social media engagement. The program leaderboard updates biweekly — Jump in and earn your Pontem rewards!

The Pontem team is committed to exploring novel prospects for AI in crypto, and is currently looking for Pontem Product Development Research contributors. Provide feedback on the latest AI products from the team: Find more details here!

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Intuition Protocol

The Intuition Protocol team participated in a RepConnect summit in Istanbul that brought together developers and thought leaders to discuss the current approaches to building & collaborating on composable reputation systems.

Reputation systems in Web3 have the potential to solve issues in centralized systems & incentivize user behavior, but they also face challenges of privacy, risk management, & fragmentation. Check out the RepConnect Summit Istanbul Recap for coverage on the latest in building in identity!

The Intuition Team recently launched the ‘Atlas Initiative’ a forum for industry-related & general topics. Join ‘The Atlas’ server on Discourse and join the conversation!

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The SLAY THE BEAR ⚔ BLOCKLORDS Cinematic Minisode is live! Watch the cinematic trailer featuring the most ambitious strategy game of our age.

Find press coverage about the release on VentureBeat!

Building upon the initial trailer, Protect Your House, which amassed over one million views, Slay the Bear sets the stage for Blocklords’ Season 1 battle pass. This phase promises an array of enhanced gameplay mechanics and exclusive rewards, elevating the free-to-play PC game currently available in open beta on the Epic Games Store. Blocklords recorded over a million gameplay hours weekly during its soft launch and anticipates a surge in new players ahead of Season 1.

The game is currently in open beta and available to play on the Epic Games Store. Follow BLOCKLORDS below for more developments in the kingdom!

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The official Airstack blog has launched on — starting with a unveiling of the Airstack Onchain Graph!

The Onchain Graph gives developers a dynamic, visual representation of on and offchain data, helping users understand relationship vectors in real time. Think of it as a web3 address book, revealing connections, interactions, and patterns that shape digital identity.

Airstack is quickly rising a core infrastructure product in the web3 ecosystem! Follow the team below for more updates.

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The Dolomite team has expanded suite of assets supported for lending and borrowing on Dolomite! The protocol is rapidly expanding with new integrations for $RDNT, $PREMIA, and $JONES.

Dolomite has received a grant from GMX for building support for their GM pools Dolomite will be be using the proceeds to help pay for the security audits as well as as incentivized GM deposits.

Dolomite founder Corey Caplan has been celebrated in the community for his experience and leadership dive in on Flywheel Defi for his insights on building in web3!

Follow Dolomite and keep up with the latest supported assets below!

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The LunarCrush search tool allows users to explore their favorite topics across social media platforms and uncover the most relevant and engaging content. In recent releases, Lunar Crush has been interviewing creators and influencers as they expand on new creator tooling!

In the latest influencer feature, @DuaneRankin reflects on honing his craft as an NBA storyteller: “I was good at interviewing people…But then writing a story is completely different.” Learning how embracing constructive criticism was a game-changer for Duane, turning him from a good interviewer into an influential NBA storyteller.

The LunarCrush team has recently expanded its platform to include influencer and topic rankings. The advanced analytics of the platform allow users to deep dive on conversations related to their favorite sports team or celebrity. Check out the latest on LunarCrush below!

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Vanta is now deflationary through a “stake and burn mechanism” called Eternal Staking. Eternal Staking is a form of staking that locks the NFT forever and simultaneously burns the NFT from the supply.

The supply of Vanta will only decrease from here on out creating more scarcity around Vanta Tier membership.

Members with an Eternally Staked Vanta will also benefit from rewards such as exclusive access to select Auctions (re-launching in app this December), Super Drops, and more.

The AssetDash team is rapidly shipping new product updates across the app and increasing utility for Vanta NFT holders. Looking ahead, more games, rewards, and experiences will be available for users on the platform — make sure you’ve set up an AssetDash account to jump in on one of the top communities in crypto!

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