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Jan 29, 2024
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Airstack made significant strides this month with the successful launch of Airstack Explorer — an open-source, forkable, and visual explorer of web3 identities. This groundbreaking tool encompasses various web3 identities, including ENS, Lens, Farcaster, POAPs, NFTs, and more. Users can now easily search and access information from Airstack Identity APIs by entering any 0x address, ENS, Lens, or Farcaster username.

Airstack garnered attention from the core crypto development community, as developers have been utilizing Airstack’s API to create innovative projects. Notably, Nader Dabit, founder of DeveloperDAO — one of the largest crypto dev communities — leveraged Airstack to build the Lens Algorithm Playground.

In addition to this, the Airstack team demonstrated their commitment to fostering creativity and community engagement. They organized the “Build With Airstack” hackathon during ETH Global in Paris, attracting over 320 teams. The hackathon’s success culminated in rewarding four outstanding winners with a total of $10k in prizes.

Overall, Airstack’s achievements over the past month have been remarkable, reflecting their dedication to advancing web3 technologies and fostering a thriving developer ecosystem.

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Asset Dash

The Asset Dash team had an exceptional month highlighted by the successful launch of The Dasher NFTs in collaboration with DripHaus. This partnership resulted in the largest DRiP Showcase to date, featuring artwork by renowned digital artists @flagmonkez and @degenpoet.

The Dashers NFT collection is an impressive 500k-piece PFP collection, boasting 59 unique traits, including “perfect combos,” animated pieces, and ultra-low supply editions. The launch has been met with overwhelming interest, with over 63,000+ trades and an astounding 1,460 buyers, generating 550 $SOL in trading volume on Tensor.

This initiative not only garnered significant attention but also contributed to the project’s increased social traction. The success of The Dashers NFT launch augurs well for the future of Asset Dash and its products.

Exciting times lie ahead for the Asset Dash team as they continue to make waves in the space.

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Aleph Zero

July has been a month of impressive growth and community engagement for Aleph Zero. The ecosystem’s domain system, AZERO.ID, reached a significant milestone, witnessing over 1,000 domains minted on their testnet implementation. This achievement highlights the growing adoption and recognition of their platform.

In a bid to keep the community informed and involved, Aleph Zero launched a captivating podcast. This platform serves as a hub for discussions about the team’s ongoing initiatives and features insights from individuals actively building on the Aleph Zero Chain.

Notable guests like Rick Deacon, CEO of Interlock, and Lukasz Plewa, Head of Blockchain and Economy at DRKVRS — both projects actively leveraging Aleph Zero — have graced the show, enriching the dialogue and fostering stronger ties with the ecosystem.

To complement their community-centric approach, Aleph Zero released the Mainnet 11.3 update, accompanied by an enhanced version of the wallet. These advancements reflect their commitment to continually improving the platform’s performance and user experience.

As we celebrate these milestones and positive developments, Aleph Zero’s future looks promising as they continue to make significant strides in the blockchain space.

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Lunar Crush

In July, we made a strategic investment in LunarCrush, the advanced social analytics and trading platform. The company successfully raised $5 million in Series A funding, with notable support from investors like Bitcoin Frontier Fund, Draper Goren Holm, and MoonPay, among others. This funding round propelled the firm’s valuation to an impressive $30 million.

LunarCrush stands out in the market by utilizing API and machine learning to aggregate data from various internet sources and social media platforms, including Twitter. Their single dashboard approach allows users to gauge online sentiment effectively.

From its inception, LunarCrush has leveraged machine learning and AI, employing tools such as Google TensorFlow and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. They have trained their AI model using a vast array of social media posts, analyzing sentiments from bullish to bearish, with a particular focus on financials.

As social sentiment analysis continues to be a critical factor in the growth of crypto projects, LunarCrush leads the way in providing valuable insights to users.

Follow along with the progress of the team here:

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The team had an exhilarating experience during ETH CC in Paris. In collaboration with Divinity Global, they organized a sensational rave on July 18, held at an underground three-story club located next to the iconic Arc de Triomphe. The event was nothing short of epic, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

During the EthGlobal hackathon, the team showcased their talent and creativity by developing This on-chain platform presents an innovative twist on the million-dollar homepage concept. Participants can purchase a plot and receive 100 tokens, with the price doubling for every plot sold. Notably, 75% of subsequent sales proceeds are allocated to the plot owner, while the remaining portion benefits token holders.

With their successful Paris outing and remarkable performance in the ETHGlobal hackathon, the team continues to demonstrate their passion for innovation and creativity in crypto.

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Dolomite hosted a highly successful DeFi Roundtable, gathering top minds from leading projects in the DeFi space. The inaugural roundtable featured prominent figures such as Nick Westlake from Offchain Labs, Ruvaag from Sentiment, and Coinflipcanada from GMX, among others. The event provided a platform for in-depth discussions and insights on the latest trends and developments in the DeFi ecosystem.

In addition to their successful event, Dolomite achieved a significant milestone by surpassing $8 million in supplied liquidity. The inclusion of assets from top projects like GMX, JonesDAO, Pendle Finance, etc. played a crucial role in pushing these numbers even higher. The team’s rapid shipping and impressive growth have garnered praise and admiration from the community.

In a bid to ensure top-tier security and protection, Dolomite has taken proactive measures to safeguard its platform. They are using the services of Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response (CIR), a leading provider of rapid detection and response to potential attacks. This partnership ensures swift action in worst-case scenarios, reinforcing Dolomite’s commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable ecosystem.

With their successful DeFi Roundtable, remarkable liquidity growth, and enhanced security measures, Dolomite continues to solidify its position as a prominent player in the DeFi space. We are eager to see how the team’s dedication and innovation will drive further advancements in the decentralized finance landscape.

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