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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners has experienced a notable month of achievements. What began as a fun game developed during the ETHCC Hackathon in July has now transformed into a sensation on Crypto Twitter. Ethxy is a game that involves users acquiring an initial plot of land for 0.01 ETH, then expanding their territory by purchasing additional plots from fellow owners. Notably, when plots are bought from others, the prior owner receives 75% of the proceeds.

The game’s inherent network effects quickly spurred engagement, creating a buzz among players on Twitter. This surge in activity, combined with the Base Mainnet launch — the underlying network for this game — has propelled ethxy to new heights of popularity. The game’s prominence even led to the creation of a Dune dashboard by a renowned on-chain researchers, to track the game activities.

The team even had to rapidly upgrade their servers to accommodate the influx of traffic.

Website | Twitter


In August, the Dolomite team released their Zap feature which allows users to borrow one asset and convert it to another, all in the same transaction! They also announced support for Pendle’s YT-GLP, making it the first-ever lending protocol to support YT-GLP collateral.

They also continued their regular community calls and you can catch the next one on their Twitter below.

Website | Twitter

Pontem Network

In the month of August, Pontem’s Liquidswap, a leading DEX on the Aptos Network, achieved a significant feat by successfully executing 3 million swaps. Alongside this, the team has maintained a consistent effort in educating its audience about various crypto-related developments,from Bitcoin ETF to insights on Worldcoin, through their high-quality content.

Pontem was also announced as the Community Partner for TOKEN2049 — Asia’s largest crypto event, happening on September 13–14 in Singapore. Follow their Twitter for more updates.

Website | Twitter


In August, Taiko introduced Galxe Quest 3 on L3, unveiling the realm of Eldfell. These quests serve as a guide for Alpha-4 Eldfell, leading users through wallet setup, bridging, swapping, and liquidity provision.

Furthermore, Taiko unveiled a partnership with ZK Hacker Camp, a two-month hackathon focused on elevating ZK applications and frameworks, until September 15th. Follow their progress using the lins below.

Website | Twitter


In a significant development this month, Blocklords made waves with the exciting news of Michael Bisping, the former UFC Middleweight Champion, stepping in as both an ambassador and a distinguished in-game persona referred to as The Count. This strategic collaboration brings an added layer of excitement to the Blocklords world.

Adding to the excitement, Blocklords revealed the minting of 1500 Chests NFTs on the Magic Eden Launchpad on the Polygon network. These NFTs serve as a commemoration for the 1500 Bisping Warriors, skillfully led by The Count himself within the game. The composition of these warriors includes 1200 Basic Warriors and 300 Legacy Warriors, contributing to the game’s immersive dynamics.

All in all, this month marks a significant milestone for Blocklords, with these innovative steps enriching the overall gaming experience!

Website | Twitter


After shipping Airstack Explorer last month and integrating AI into their product features, the Airstack team has been busy demonstrating the various use cases of the Explorer. From showing how easily devs can query web3 identities including ENS, Lens, XMTP, etc to ERC6551’s multi-layered assets. They also got a great logo update this month! Check it out below.

Website | Twitter

Asset Dash

In August, Asset Dash made strides with quite a few things! Sneak peeks into Asset Dash Mini Games, Base Network integration, and tracking Friend.Tech hype with great dashboards are just a few on the list.

Partnering with MarginFi to introduce LootBoxes was another. Asset Dash Coins, launched in July, swiftly transformed user rewards experience with 9.3 million Coins (30% of liquid supply) spent across 6,000 assets, in less than a month, pioneering an exceptional crypto rewards experience. Follow their progress using the links below.

Website | Twitter

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero had a pretty eventful month of August from launching Signer on the browser web stores and the public launch of AZERO.ID, their on-chain name service to hosting the official opening party, Zero Proof, at ETH Warsaw.

The Alpeh Zero team has also planned a great event during the Asia Crypto Week in Singapore on 13th September. More details can be found on their official Twitter page.

Website | Twitter

Lunar Crush

LunarCrush finally launched the beta version of the much anticipated Social Search feature. With this feature, users can easily discover the top trending posts on their favorite topics across leading social channels.

More people are waking up to the true potential of social insights in their research and this feature helps them analyze the trending social topics easily. Explore more of this on official Twitter below.

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