Innovating Identity 2023

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Apr 17, 2024
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The digital world is our new frontier, and at the Identity Hackathon 2023, innovation wasn’t just a buzzword — it was the currency of progress. Hosted by NEWFORUM with support from Intuition Protocol and others the event spotlighted the brightest minds in digital identity, showcasing projects that could redefine our online interactions. But what made these projects stand out, and how might they impact our digital future?

Project Spotlights: Trailblazers of Digital Identity

Shinjutsu: More Than Just a Belt

For those outside the martial arts community, the significance of a colored belt may not be immediately apparent. But within it, each hue is a milestone, a story of growth and grit. Shinjutsu, Patrick Skinner’s innovative app, seeks to ensure these stories are genuine. Using Intuition Protocol’s framework, the app certifies attestations of martial artists’ ranks, making it impossible for someone to fake their proficiency.

How might this level of verification change the way we view qualifications in other areas of our lives?

Respect Protocol: The Currency of Trust

Can you imagine a digital world where ‘respect’ is more than a sentiment, but a quantifiable attribute? Helen’s Respect Protocol paints this vision, proposing a landscape where trust isn’t just felt, it’s seen and explored. What could this mean for your journey through the vast expanses of Web3? It’s a game of connections, where every node is a person, every link an acknowledgment of trust. This project could revolutionize how we build and measure trust online. What could this mean for your digital persona?

Index Network: Search, Personalized

The Index Network, crafted by Seref Yarar and Seren Sandikci, invites us to imagine a more personal way to discover information. Instead of getting lost in the vastness of the internet, what if you could have a search engine tailored just for you? Index Network uses AI to curate search results that are contextually relevant to your interests. Think of it as a librarian who knows exactly what you’re looking for before you even ask. Could this be the key to managing the information overload of our times?

The Heart of the Matter

Each of these projects isn’t just a tool or a platform; they are gateways to deeper engagement in the digital realm. They challenge us to ask, “How can these innovations enhance my online experience?” and “What new possibilities do they unlock for my digital identity?”

As these types of projects move from concept to reality, they offer a glimpse into a future where our digital identities are protected, our reputations are transparent, and our search for information is intuitive.

The Intuition Protocol team has recently launched an online discussion forum called the ‘Atlas Initiative’ a widespread program for contributors from every corner of the internet to discuss a large swath of industry-related & general topics.

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