Bi-Weekly News Recap 19th Aug ‘22

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Jan 29, 2024
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News From Our Partners


There is still some time left to pre-register for early access to the game; doing so earns you a free hero! If you’re not sure about joining the BLOCKLORDS adventure (exclusive to GamestopNFT), make sure you take a look at their Official Cinematic trailer here.


The Habitat Management Portal went live on August 10th, bringing Genopets one step closer to its unique Move-to-Earn vision. Habitats give players the ability to refine crystals and harvest $KI, all while giving their genopets special abilities.. While 300K players are currently on the waitlist, invites will be sent out first to those that have logged in more frequently.


Partnerships have been officialized with Heroes of NFT, Polymesh Network and Fanfury. These news came in as SubQuery is already powering over 25 projects all across web3. By the end of August, an incentivized testet (Kepler) is set to launch, whose $kSQT token may be burned in exchange for $SQT after the public sale and mainnet launch.

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero continues to impress with news and improvements, as per their July Update! Early August, access to their testnet was also extended to all community validators. Finally, in case you want to meet the team in person, be sure to join them on their Fall Tour (more details here).

Boson Protocol

The Boson v2 protocol, set to launch in Q4 2022, was announced earlier this month. Put simply, it tokenizes commitments to trade rather than trade items themselves, thus giving buyers the guarantee that they get their money back if the seller doesn’t meet expectations. To know more about how Boson is set to become the Uniswap of commerce, click here.

Major Headlines in Crypto

Bank of America Says Blockchains Have Intrinsic Value, Citing Transaction Fees

Goerli Is Coming: Ethereum’s Last Rehearsal Before the Merge

Oxford City FC enters partnership with CoinCorner to deliver Bitcoin matchday payments

Starbucks to unveil its web3-based rewards program next month

Meta is expanding NFT support on Instagram to 100 countries

BlackRock to Offer Crypto for Institutional Investors Through Coinbase Prime

Vitalik: Centralized USDC could decide the future of contentious ETH hard forks deals pave way to South Korea licenses

Iran makes the first-ever import of goods using cryptocurrency worth millions

Unstoppable Finance Raises $12.8M to Build DeFi Wallet eyes new crypto payments products despite bear market

BlackRock launches private trust offering direct bitcoin exposure

Cardano Transaction Count Spikes to 75,000 with More to Come

Ethereum’s Third and Final Testnet Merge Goes Live on Goerli

Crypto Exchange Binance Receives Preliminary Approval to Operate in Kazakhstan

Colombia to prevent tax evasion with national digital currency: Report

Tether partners with top 5 accounting firm BDO for reserve attestations

World’s Biggest Companies Invested $6B in Blockchain Firms September-June: Study

Mercado Libre Launches Its Own Ethereum Cashback Token

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