Announcing our Partnership with Dolomite

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Jan 29, 2024
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Announcing our Partnership with Dolomite

As decentralized finance (DeFi) revolutionizes capital markets, Dolomite is at the forefront, offering cutting-edge solutions. Dolomite is an innovative trading and lending protocol that allows users to leverage long or short positions, participate in liquidity pools, and earn from margin lending all from the same platform. Built on Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling solution delivering fast and affordable transactions, Dolomite harnesses the latest technology for a seamless trading experience.

One of Dolomite’s most striking features is its advanced leveraged trading and lending capabilities. Utilizing Chainlink Price Feeds, a top decentralized oracle service in web3, Dolomite supports a vast range of assets beyond Wrapped BTC and ETH, such as liquidity positions and auto-compounding vaults. This expands Dolomite’s margin trading offerings beyond what other protocols can provide.

Additionally, Dolomite’s mobile trading functionality sets it apart. The platform offers its full range of margin features to smartphone users, granting them access to a comprehensive set of margin tools on the go.

The integration between Dolomite and Chainlink is essential for future success. Chainlink supplies Dolomite with accurate and dependable price feeds, ensuring top-notch performance and user satisfaction. Dolomite’s involvement in Chainlink BUILD, a program aimed at nurturing early-stage startups within the Chainlink ecosystem, showcases their dedication to continuous innovation. Participation in BUILD comes with numerous benefits, including enhanced integration with Chainlink Price Feeds, increased on-chain data protection for selected Chainlink Data Feeds through Chainlink Staking, and early access to new Chainlink products during alpha and beta stages.

“We admire Dolomite’s commitment to high-quality service and enterprise-grade security and look forward to its continued growth and innovation in the DeFi landscape. We’re thrilled to be a part of their journey.”

Adam Haklili, Managing Partner, WWVentures.Dolomite is just beginning its journey. They plan to introduce more assets for borrowing, lending, and margin trading on their DEX. As they continue to scale, Dolomite aims to lead the DeFi revolution. Join the Dolomite Discord today and embrace a more decentralized, democratized, and accessible financial future.

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