Announcing Our Partnership with BLOCKLORDS: Bringing Medieval Times to the Metaverse

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Apr 17, 2024
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BLOCKLORDS is being built by an expert team of artists, designers, and creative technologists who come from studios including EA, Ubisoft, Paradox, Creative Assembly and have worked with the likes of Lucasfilm, Disney, Netflix & Apple.

About the Project

BLOCKLORDS is an immersive multiplayer experience with an innovative approach to narrative that will enable players to craft their own unique stories in a shared universe. Players will be able to shape their own path across the medieval metaverse based on their choices, giving them the freedom to shape their kingdoms to the highest level.

The game is organized around four pillars of gameplay: Farm, Fight, Rule, and Conquer, and features a wide-reaching, highly interactive map with dynamic borders. Players will be able to play their way with a wide array of roles and attributes to support their unique playstyles, including living a peaceful farm life, exploration, engaging in battles, and ultimately pursuing kingship if they so choose. Completing daily and role-specific tasks & missions earns players XP and resources, allowing them to evolve into other roles and progress further into the game depending on their choices. In sum, the opportunities in BLOCKLORDS are endless, and new features will be released on a recurrent basis.

BLOCKLORDS incorporates an expansive player-driven economy that will quickly scale as more players join the massive online world. As part of BLOCKLORDS’ in-game ecosystem, players will be able to claim and upgrade cities and Kingdoms, stake rewards and pay bounties to other players, refine in-game resources to expand their armies and create heirs to expand their lineage, and much more.

The early access Farming version of the game will allow players to assume two roles: Lords and Farmers. Farmers can gather resources, while Lords and Ladies will be able to collect taxes from Farmers and manage village and city infrastructure. Regardless of the role you choose, acquiring resources allows players to collectively expand and improve the land’s economy and defenses to the benefit of everyone who is part of their farm, village, or kingdom.

With gameplay customization and player expression in mind, MetaKing Studios — the team behind BLOCKLORDS — grants each player the ability to master their own destiny. Each character will age and eventually pass away, making it necessary to expand their lineage (and their power/influence, if such is their goal) via the game’s robust Dynasty system. This feature offers players the chance to truly master their legacy, allowing them the ability to create a true bloodline and solidify their presence within the world.

In BLOCKLORDS, every character exists as a unique player-owned digital asset. Each Hero is unique and comes with their own unique traits and attributes, which also extends to their heirs. More details of BLOCKLORDS’ digital Hero assets will be announced at NFT NYC and made available to players later this year.

Finally, BLOCKLORDS should be thought of first and foremost as a Play-to-Own game: Players are empowered to play and build their own value into their Heroes, giving their digital assets real meaning, purpose, and value.

Behind Our Partnership

Many metaverse gaming projects struggle to offer a rich experience from launch and retain users. As it started out in 2018 as a 2D game, BLOCKLORDS evades this challenge (it has been building its community for a while). Besides, based on what we’ve seen from their PR strategy and user acquisition program, they’re setting themselves to become a top-tier metaverse game in the next few years.

Adam Haklili, WWVentures Founding Partner

With BLOCKLORDS at just the beginning of its new journey, its next steps are impressive. Their Banner Raffle and minting event — in which players can participate for a chance to claim and own rare Heroes from BLOCKLORDS’ Great Houses — is scheduled for this year and will be followed later by early access. As part of this endeavor, a series of AAA cinematic trailers produced by Axis Studios and directed by Jon Yeo (Diablo 2, Halo Infinite, Destiny, and Love/Death/Robots) will also be released. Follow BLOCKLORDS so you don’t miss any news!

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